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Land Surveying

Rehder is a great company to work with.  They not only understand site design and surveying, they understand how to build a building, and anticipated what I needed from them.
Jim Bergren, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

Rehder & Associates offers a full line of Land Surveying services to meet all of the needs of our clients.  We have worked with clients all over the State of Minnesota and throughout the Western portions of Wisconsin, however the majority of our work is focused within the Twin Cities metropolitan area, including the Counties of Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, Washington and Scott County.  Our Services range from boundary, topographic and location surveys, to planning and platting procedures which include construction staking and layout of residential, commercial, and high-rise buildings as well as the utilities to serve them.  Please see our Example Surveys section for samples of our survey documents. 

Our surveying capabilities include:

 Boundary-Topographic-Location Surveys

  •     Boundary surveys

  •     Lot Surveys

  •     Building Permit Surveys

  •     Location of lot corners and, if necessary, restoration

  •     Contour and topographic surveys and mapping

  •     US Public Land Survey section breakdowns

  •     Rural farm surveys

  •     ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys

Land Subdivisions

 Construction Staking

  •     Sewer and water lines

  •     Street alignment

  •     Curb and gutter

  •     Building and/or pad location

 Additional Survey Services

  •     Monitoring of existing buildings for settlement

  •     Monitoring of existing or temporary walls for movement

  •     Aerial photo control surveys

  •     As-built surveys

  •     Lot division descriptions

  •     Writing of easement descriptions

  •     Underground tunnel surveys

All of these services are performed by experienced field and office personnel who are skilled in the use of state-of-the-art surveying equipment, including RTK-GPS (Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System,) digital and robotic total stations, as well as industry current drafting and design software which assists in the interpretation and analysis of field-collected survey data.

Our Land Surveying department can work with the lead Civil Engineer for a project, or if a Civil Engineer has not yet been chosen, Rehder & Associates offers a full-service Civil Engineering department as well, to provide all required land development design services under one roof.

How much does a land survey cost?

If you were to call a local car dealer and ask how much an automobile would cost, the response would be something along the lines of "It depends."  Just as the cost of a car can vary based upon the type, size, and options, so to does the cost of a land survey vary.  Some items that are taken into account and can have an effect on a proposal amount are:


Simply, what is required for the project.  Will a drawing be necessary, or will marking boundaries in the field suffice?


What information and records are available for the project site?  Has a title insurance policy recently been created? 

Information Quality.

If the legal documents pertaining to a project site are vague then the time required to complete the survey could be increased.

Previous work.

Often, if we have completed work near the project site, the time required for the completion of the survey can be reduced, saving you money.


Needless to say, it is a much simpler matter to survey a vacant one-acre parcel than a 160-acre forest.  As such, the cost for each will vary.


Some types of surveys are better suited for spring, fall and/or winter months and vice versa. 

Important points to remember:

  •   The services of a Professional Land Surveyor will cost you less in time and money than the worry and cost of moving a fence and/or building.

  •   Do not choose a land surveyor simply on price; select the surveyor who will adequately meet all of your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

  •   Make sure that the land surveyor you select carries "Professional Liability - Errors & Omissions Insurance," which would protect you, the client, against a financial loss as a result of an error committed by the land surveyor.  Some "discount" land surveyors do not carry this coverage, which should be a RED FLAG to potential clients.

Rehder & Associates provides proposals for our services at no cost or obligation.  In most cases, proposals can be given over the phone, so please feel free to contact us about your project today!



Example Land Surveys and Recently Completed Projects

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