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Civil Engineering

"What I appreciate first and foremost about Rehder is their technical ability and competency.  Working with old University infrastructure can be full of unforeseen challenges.  Rehder and Associates faced those challenges professionally and effectively.  They quickly grasped complex site problems, provided creative solutions, and maintained a contagious team-building attitude.  I enjoy what they bring to my projects and look forward to working with them in the future."
-Fred Clayton, Director of Facilities (CEHD), University of Minnesota

Rehder & Associates has experience in providing a full range of Civil Engineering services. 

Please see our Engineering Plans section for examples of our drawings and our Engineering Projects section for a listing of selected projects for all fields of use; from commercial to municipal.

Both design and construction services are available to architects, contractors and developers in the private sector, and to all levels of government in the public sector.  These services include:

 Utilities Engineering 

  •     Water Systems

  •     Network Analysis

  •     Sanitary Sewer Systems

  •     Lift Stations and Force mains

 Water Resources Engineering 

  •     Hydrologic Analysis

  •     Storm Sewer

  •     Watershed Hydrology

  •     Storage Ponds

  •     Erosion Control

  •     Flood Route Studies for Watersheds

  •     Foundation Drainage

  •     Drainage Problem Analysis

 Environmental Engineering 

  •     Wetland Mitigation    

  •     Environmental Assessment Worksheets

 Grading & Road Design 

  •     Roadway Geometry

  •     Parking Lot Layouts

  •     Earthwork Quantities

  •     Bituminous Pavement Design

  •     Site Planning

 Construction Engineering

  •     Estimating

  •     Staking

  •     Inspection

  •     Record Drawings

 Miscellaneous Engineering Assistance

  •     Plan Review

  •     Developer Agreements

  •     Conditional Use Permits

  •     Subdivision Layout

In addition to offering the above services, Rehder & Associates also has a full service Land Surveying department; allowing for the seamless application of proposed improvements - from design to installation.


MEADOW CREEK, Residential Subdivision, Farmington, Minnesota


BEFORE:  Image Date: 1991 (Image Courtesy of USGS)                         PROGRESS:  Image Date: 2007 (Image Courtesy of Google)


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